Zhang Gang: Accelerate Brand Building in the Supply-Side Structural Reform

2017-04-28 17:24:30 (GMT+8)


Quality is the primary priority of the brand.

China’s economy is in a critical period of transformation and development, the concept of improving quality and cultivating brand embodies the common consensus of enterprises and industries. Quality brand has become a hot topic in China because brand is not only the product, industry logo, but a carrier of marketing value.

Famous brands have the characteristics of quality, reliability, technical guidance, variety adaptability, excellent service, cultural compatibility among which the quality is the primary priority. Quality is the starting point of brand cultivation. It accompanies the growth of the whole process of brand; quality is the carrier of brand awareness, brand awareness is the way consumers in the product and service quality depend on; quality is the embodiment of brand value, because the quality of economic operation is relying on the brand premium. Quality and brand become closely linked community, as the first essence of the brand, quality has become the main factor restricting development

Improving supply quality and cultivating famous brand is at the key of the Supply-Side Structural Reform.

In December 2016, the central economic work conference made it clear that the focus of China’s economic development is the Supply-Side Structural Reform, the main direction is to improve the quality of supply, of which the central task is enhancing supply system and improve the quality of products and services. To understand the decision in an round way, we can analyze in three aspects of supply quality and brand development:

First, the overall quality level is rather low, affecting the growth of famous brands. Over the years, China export products recall notification batches by Europe and the United States accounted for more than 2016 year topped the list, which the United States accounted for 54.60% of the total recall notification batches, the EU accounted for 52.30% of the total recall notification batches, about 40% of export enterprises affected by foreign technical trade measures, export trade direct losses amounted to $93 billion 380 million. There are many reasons for this situation, but the quality is not high is the primary factor.

The second is the quality structure is rather rough, leading to a huge gap in brand structure. From the analysis of the quality structure, the industrial structure of our country is still in the price oriented industries, China and Germany related quality data show that the quality of positioning and quality status of industrial development there is a huge gap, resulting in the brand influence far apart. From the analysis of brand structure, China far behind the other BRIC countries, if the brand separate accounting of manufacturing industry, the gap is more obvious, with the added value of the world's top 500 brands accounted for number per trillion dollars in manufacturing, China is only 2.80.

The third is the poor quality efficiency, circumscribing the construction process of brand power. There is a clear gap quality of premium level between the developed countries and the developing countries. The data shows that the more China exports, the more negative effects are caused by environmental pollution and excessive consumption of resources. The lack of quality and efficiency has become the short board of China's manufacturing and even economic development, which is directly related to the quality of power, manufacturing power, brand power development process. Therefore, improving supply quality and nurturing famous brand is not only the key core and main direction of the Supply-Side Structural Reform, but also the endogenetic motive force and goal of economic development under new normal.

Taking supply side structural reform as the main line, focusing on the theme of "brand leading, innovation quality", the following exploration thinking is put forward to optimize the ecological environment of brand cultivation and growth

First of all, it is necessary to determine the goal of quality, efficiency and development, and achieve brand guidance. We need to establish an index system that is convergent to quality, efficiency, brand and value, make enterprise, industry, government and society to strengthen the quality of consciousness from the scientific index system, a clear path to upgrade the quality of the power quality, sustainable development and implantation of brand cultivation. The aim of market competition is to realize the maximum benefit. Only the index of quality benefit and brand value lead can the basic position of competition policy be established, and the quality upgrading of manufacturing industry can be achieved with twice the result with half the effort.

Two is to create new advantages of national quality infrastructure, support brand leadership. We should speed up the layout, overall planning and overall promotion. First, at the national level. Innovative measurement, standards, certification and accreditation, inspection and testing of the overall construction mechanism, the realization of information integration, technology integration, service integration, system integration, the formation of the national quality infrastructure of China's program". Secondly, at the industrial level. Around the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of new industries, we have created a number of national quality base application demonstration bases to support quality leading enterprises and industries and gain new advantages in international competition. Third, at the local level. Close to the market demand, around the characteristics of economic development, to create a number of business synergies, efficient service quality technical base service platform, support large and wide range of small and medium enterprises upgrading quality and efficiency. From the national, industrial to local NQI overall construction, will support the brand from the quality of the basic level of leading the development of the pattern. Shenzhen as a national quality demonstration base application demonstration city, has been in the forefront of the country.

The third is the implementation of quality upgrading major projects to promote brand leadership. In the major equipment and is beneficial to the people's livelihood hot consumer goods as the starting point, the implementation of high quality manufacturing engineering, to accelerate the solution of key areas of quality reliability, consistency, security, applicability and other issues, create a number of key areas of well-known brands. At the same time, in order to create a competitive advantage and optimize the development environment as the goal, the implementation of a number of quality upgrading of the comprehensive project.

The fourth is an innovative quality upgrading system, policy system to protect brand leadership. With institutional innovation and policy innovation as the driving force, we should create an ecological environment conducive to quality innovation and brand guidance, and stimulate the initiative of enterprises. At this stage, we need to take the lead in the construction of the rule of law, financial support, and personnel training.