Overview of Shenzhen Top Brand Cultivation and Evaluation Procedure

2017-06-21 10:52:05 (GMT+8)

Shenzhen Top Brand cultivation and evaluation procedure was original initiate by Shenzhen city council in its public document referenced in Shenfu[2003]64, which specified the procedure to be organized and executed by Federation of Shenzhen Industies (former Shenzhen Federation of Industrial Economics), and the evaluation committee to be composed by 25 government agencies, 69 industry associations, 3 research institutions, 12 specialist agencies and 2 largest media group. The “Shenzhen Top Brand” evaluation procedure is a non-profit activity which helps enterprises to create their own brands.

The evaluation procedure adopts international standards from the begining, and has made innovation in the aspects of scope, mechanism and methods. The successful practice of “Shenzhen Top Brand” has been endorsed and praised by the leaders of all levels, such as the Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the 10th NPC and Honorary Chairwoman of CFIE, Ms. Gu Xiulian, advocator and driver of China Brand Strategy, Mr. Lin Zongtang. At the same time, the evaluation procedure has also gained attention and support from UNIDO. Therefore, the “Shenzhen Top Brand” evaluation procedure has made big influence both in home and abroad. With the top of Global 500, Walmart’s voluntary application for the 9th “Shenzhen Top Brand”, European and American brands are getting strong enthusiasm for Shenzhen Brand Building event. As a result, “Shenzhen Top Brand” is considered as a sign of “China High-Quality Products” by many European corporations. And they are actively applying for “Shenzhen Top Brand” evaluation to expand China market.

Shenzhen Top Brand has been announced to the public annually for 13 years, with 636 brands being awarded totally, such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, China Merchant Bank, China Pingan Insurance, CIMC, Mindray and Thunder etc.. The number of awarded enterprises is only about thousandth of total business amount, however, they make up 42.13% of the total sales, 34.8% of gross tax amount, and 27.42% of all export value. Among them, Huawei and other 20 bunisesses rank in the top 3 of the global lists in their corresponding market segment, while Mindray and other 84 companies take highest domestic market share in their own industrial sectors. 13 years exploration and practice of the “Shenzhen Top Brand” has set the brand building pattern, which combines cultivation and evaluation procedures, promoting cultivation with evaluation, and thus promote innovation. The cultivation and evaluation procedure is a scientific and national leading mechanism which gained general recognition: promoted and guided by governments, voluntary participated by enterprises, organized by community-based organization, public assessment by the market, field assessment by specialists and popular supervised by society. “Shenzhen Top Brand” cultivation and evaluation event has been a main brand-building strategy activity of Shenzhen, and an important measure to make Shenzhen the “Brand City”.