Gu Xiulian: Shenzhen Enterprises Need to Focus on Quality and Brand Building

2017-01-09 17:22:20 (GMT+8)


Dear guests and friends, good afternoon!

It is my great pleasure to attend the annual event held by the Shenzhen Federation of industry. Here, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Shenzhen on its outstanding achievements in economy and society as well as the enterprises that have won the fifteenth record of enterprise innovation! New year's greetings to all the distinguished guests and business friends present at this event!

The party since eighteen, the new CPC Central Committee to co-ordinate and promote the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, led by the people across the country, overcome difficulties, to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year. Shortly before the meeting of the central economic work conference, 2017 is an important year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year plan", is the supply side structural reform deepening year. To implement the spirit of the party's eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session of the comprehensive, insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, firmly establish and implement the new concept of development, to grasp the leading new normal economic development, to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center. Adhere to stable macroeconomic policies, industrial policy should be accurate, microeconomic policies to live, to reform policies underpinning social policy to the real, adhere to the side; structural reform as the main line to promote the supply, moderate expansion of aggregate demand, expected to strengthen the guidance, deepen the innovation drive, do good overall steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, people's livelihood and anti risk work, and promote stable and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability, with outstanding achievements to greet the great victory of the party held nineteen. This series of strategic measures have pointed out the direction for China's economic development. I hope entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity, speed up the transformation and development and independent innovation, make great efforts in quality and brand building, make the enterprise do fine and strong, contribute to the wisdom and strength of China's economic development.

Shenzhen municipal government under the correct leadership of the central and provincial, firmly implement the party's eighteen big since the line, principles and policies, to become "five in one" and "four round" the vanguard of the mission, led the people of the city, in the "supply side structural reform, the construction of major projects, Qianhai open, governance city management from five aspects, strict control of the party" has made outstanding achievements, especially in terms of economic development, has become the national benchmark. At the same time, the Shenzhen municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the prominent role of social organizations. Since the establishment of the Federation of Shenzhen industries, to promote the industrialization process for the mission, do a lot of work in the government very fruitful cooperation, promote the enterprises to carry out brand construction, independent innovation, transformation and development of low carbon environmental protection, etc.. Received the attention and affirmation of the United Nations Industrial Development organization. In particular, the industry will continue to carry out fourteen years of organized Shenzhen famous brand cultivation and evaluation activities, and achieved gratifying results. Shenzhen famous brand as "Chinese quality" symbol, its influence has spread to Europe and America by domestic and The Belt and Road along the country, attracted widespread attention and participation. With the United Nations Industrial Development Organization jointly issued by the international reputation brand, has become Shenzhen's construction of a new international city, a beautiful card. Fifteen consecutive enterprises to carry out the innovation record review and release activities, 945 enterprises have 2190 independent innovation results were identified and rewarded, in the country's largest cities in the forefront. It fully demonstrates the vitality of Shenzhen enterprises and the remarkable achievements of building an international and innovative city.

I hope the Shenzhen municipal Party committee and the municipal government will continue to strongly support the work and development of social organizations. At the same time, hope that the Federation of Shenzhen industries in Shenzhen municipal government under the leadership of Comrade Zong Tang, consultant at the highest honorary chairman Comrade Li Hao's guidance, in accordance with the deployment of Shenzhen "standard, quality, brand and reputation of one of the four strategies, improve the allocation of resources the ability to provide high-level services for enterprises, make the contribution for Shenzhen's economic and social development!

Finally, I wish all the distinguished guests, Comrades, friends a happy and prosperous new year!