The 3rd Wuzhou Industry Development Forum was held by the FSZI

2017-06-28 09:30:34 (GMT+8)


The 3rd Wuzhou Industry Development Forum was jointly held by the FSZI and the Shenzhen Business daily on August 21st at the Wuzhou Hall of the Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. At the same time, the grand opening ceremony of the 2nd Shenzhen Industry Award and the 1st Shenzhen Industry Award result press conference were held.

Well-known experts, scholars, officials and entrepreneurs from home and abroad gathered and discussed around the theme of China Industry Development Under the Background of Global Economic Recovery Opportunities and Challenges, further promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, realizing the sustainable development, helping enterprises to find the key point in global competition and thus effectively to participate in the global competition for answers.


Deputy Director of CPPCC Standing Committee, the National Economic Committee, Former Minister of China Federation of Industrial Economy, Mr. Li Yizhong; Counselor of the State Council, Former Party Member and Secretary General Mr. Shi Dinghuan; UNIDO Senior Officials Ms. Liang Dan;Director of China South-South Industrial Cooperation Center of UNIDO Mr Guo Li; Vice President of China Federation of Industrial Economy Ms. Rong Jianying made a special trip to attend the activities. Vice Mayor Chen Biao addressed the forum.


Vice Mayor Chen Biao pointed out that the forum will discuss over the topics of the trend, framework and the scale of the world manufacturing development, the strategic deployment of China’s informatization and industrialization, and the path of China’s industrial capacity improvement. All these discussion will contribute to the acceleration of Shenzhen enterprises upgrade and innovation,which will advance national industry.


Liang Dan stressed that UNIDO, FSZI and Futian District Government will attract more and more overseas enterprises to establish China offices once the construction of International Industry Building is completed, which will help Shenzhen step forward in the progress of building a modern city.

Minister Li Yizhong made a sppech over the topic of theme Adapting to the Global Economy, Adjusting to Changes and Promoting the Upgrading of China's Industrial Economy, Quality and Efficiency. Minister Li shared his opinion from three aspects: first, the global economic adjustment and deepening reform, to our country economy bring pressures and new opportunities for development, the global economy is in the change, all the countries in the draw, trigger and cope with the financial crisis, lessons of experience, must change, must be adjusted; second. Careful planning, overcome difficulties, 2020 basically accomplish industrialization, significantly enhance the level of information; third, to promote industrialization, the depth of information integration, promote industrial and manufacturing integration, transformation and upgrading.


Councilor Shi Dinghuan focused on strengthening scientific and technological innovation to promote the upgrading of the theme "keynote speech on the new technological transformation of enterprises, industrial revolution, new challenges and opportunities; 30 years of reform and opening up in Shenzhen to experience and the innovation driven strategy to do brilliantly implemented three aspects.


The Israeli Consulate General shared her advice on Israel Science and Technology Innovation, we use the U disk, flash memory chip, small tomato, Intel chip, even QQ technology comes from israel. The Israeli invention also benefited from the grim security requirements facing Israel, Israel almost everyone to military service in the army of Israel to learn how to innovation, research and development of new technology to solve the problem, these innovative ideas led them to get more development and research and development in other areas, he can take many different disciplines of industrial technology together, the development of better. For example, in the invention of medical devices, there are many ideas derived from the invention of the army.


International Supply Chain Council Greater China President Jastown on the "industrial 4 era of innovation value" and guests share how to configure the supply chain? When SCC promotes supply chain thinking, it is suggested that six sigma, lean and SCOR be built together, which is the standard model of supply chain framework. Under the framework of the essence of tens of thousands of enterprises, we have all the supply chain related processes, performance and other indicators, supply chain best practice model integrated together to provide enterprises, build their own top-level design.


Chen Jianzhou, senior vice president of ZTE, shared the M-ICT era: "Let information create value."". The characteristics of the so-called "M-ICT era" include four aspects, one is the connection anytime, anywhere. Two is our life and work continue to integrate; three is the integration of virtual and reality; four is the contradiction between security and convenience, the faster the flow of information, the more convenient, security and privacy issues more prominent. In M-ICT's strategy, it is the most important thing for us to create the true value of energy in the information age.


Chairman Ren Jen on the "network of industrial transformation and development is an unavoidable choice" to share with you how to use the network more and more convenient to promote China's industrial development. Promote the integration and upgrading of industrial technology with the network, use the network to sell the industrial products to the whole world; use the network data to interact with the users in a timely manner, and to grasp the service and develop the pulse.


David Caro, director of the board of directors at the IFFE School of S.L, Spain, shared Spain's approach to the global economic adjustment and the idea of cooperation between China and the west.


Guangdong Provincial People's government, Shenzhen Industry Association executive chairman Mr. Wang Zhaowen presided over and three industrialists and a senior media person, launched on in depth development of big data era of enterprise transformation. Airmate electrical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Mr. Cai Zhengfu, vice chairman; Mr. Yang Hong president of Hangsheng electronics Limited by Share Ltd; the South China Sea oil industry (Chiwan) Mr. Li Qiang, general manager of limited company; Shenzhen newspaper group, deputy chief editor of the Shenzhen evening news editor Mr. Ding Shizhao, respectively, combined with the actual business, from different angles, delivered a wonderful view of the enlightening.

Industry is the foundation stone of economic development and the source of social wealth. The forum will have a positive impact on the sustainable development of Shenzhen's industrial economy.

Attending the forum honorary president of the Federation of Shenzhen industries: the city must Advisory Committee Deputy Director Guo Rongjun, Guangdong Provincial People's government, Chen Siping, Liu Shengli, Zhou Changhu, Li Lian, former vice chairman of the Municipal Association and Shenzhen industry award independent jury chairman Liao Junwen.

The relevant leaders attended the Forum: the provincial government counselor, Shenzhen Industry Association executive chairman Wang Zhaowen, Municipal Economic Information Commission deputy director Jia Xingdong, Shenzhen Daily editorial Lu Jun.

This forum has aroused great concern from all the countries concerned. The chairman of chamber of Commerce in southern Spain Chinese Ontario; Malaysia Consul General in Guangzhou Fang Shikai; Vice Consul General Abdul Germain from Guangzhou, Ethiopia and the United States, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries of the guests and trade officials attended the forum, in-depth exchanges with Shenzhen entrepreneurs.

Nearly 400 participating executives in the whole day without a lunch break, the mood is full, the venue warm atmosphere. Entrepreneurs reflect: Minister Li from morning to night always leave the venue, listened carefully to every speaker's speech, to make an example for us; the total Wu Yi candle wonderful, chaired by the Secretary General of concise vice president Zhang Zhifang presided over the appropriate levels of detail, full-time executive chairman Wang Zhaowen presided over the dialogue thoroughly fascinating. This kind of wind should be carried

The purpose of Wuzhou Industrial Development Forum is to discuss the development trend of the industry, to build a new industrial system with the aim of promoting China’s industrialization. This year Wuzhou Industrial Development Forum is supported by UNIDO, China Federation of Industrial Economy and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and organized by FSZI. So far it has been successfully held for 2 consecutive years.